Barbequing in the British sun (and often in the rain), is something of a tradition and could almost be mistaken for a folk law!

Some simple tips have been collated, which you might want to consider this summer, before you cremate the sausages!


• All-day drinking can lead to arguments between people – it is advisable to set a finish time and let people know in advance when the party will end. Alcohol is no excuse for violence.
• Encourage people to walk round to the house or take taxis so they are not tempted to drink and drive.
• If you are serving drinks and having a barbecue later in the day or evening make sure you offer snacks until the barbecue is ready, it will soak up the booze.
• Cooking - particularly outdoor cooking - and booze do not go well. Make sure the chef stays sober.

Keep it neighbourly

• Be considerate; let your neighbors’ know you are having people around, when and how long it is likely to last. Keeping them informed can avoid problems – how about inviting your neighbors’?
• Don't put the person who has drunk the most in charge of the music - noise nuisance is a major concern, avoid being reported to the council noise enforcement team.
• Remember, if you are in a flat, the people downstairs (or upstairs) may hear everything. Ask your guests to bear this in mind on stairways and hallways.

Keeping you and your guests safe

• Security: At a big party, people may arrive as friends of friends. Be sensible - lock your valuables (bank books, credit cards, jewelry) away, don't leave your spare house keys or car keys out.
• Food poisoning is no fun. If you're barbecuing- make sure that meat is thoroughly cooked and salads don’t sit out in the summer heat.
• You can put your guests at risk if you ply them with too much drink, they need to get home safely. People often misjudge situations and become victims of crime if they have too much, make sure you look after your guests.
• Provide plenty of soft drinks and water so that people can stay hydrated. Think about offering low alcohol drinks or non alcoholic cocktails.



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