Mocktail Benefits

Fewer calories
Alcoholic drinks, sugary mixed drinks or fruity, frozen concoctions, can affix copious calories to your daily tally (and, if you’re really intoxicated, lead to binge eating caused by poor judgment), adding up to excess pounds in the long run.
The average mixed drink made with one ounce of rum, vodka or whiskey and juice or cola clocks in at over 200 calories. Times that by two or three over the course of the evening and you’ll have to run an extra houron the treadmill just to burn it off!   

Less Expensive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mocktails, especially those flavoured with just a splash of juice and / or diet tonic for example can cut the calorie count down to just 50 calories while still providing plenty of flavour. Mocktails cut out the most expensive ingredient - the alcohol - whether you’re making them from scratch or ordering out. This means you get to sip a satisfying drink and line your pockets with extra cash while you’re at it.

Higher in nutrients
Mocktails made with fresh and/or organic juices, such as pomegranate, orange, mango, cranberry boast plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C and none of the corn syrup found in colas or many drink mixers.

Everyone can enjoy them
Pregnant women, people on specific medications or with chronic illnesses, designated drivers; children and even the most devout prohibitionists can all enjoy mocktails, making your next party or dinner gathering exceptionally enticing to drinkers and those who don’t drink alcohol alike.