Do you know your limits?

With Christmas approaching and the party season in full swing, have you ever stopped to think about the amount of alcohol you consume and the effects it will have on your health?

Members of the ThinkB4UDrink campaign team will be holding road show events during alcohol awareness week (19th - 25th November), with the Public Health Vehicle to highlight whether or not you know your units whilst also providing other information and guidance in relation to alcohol.

The effects of alcohol on your health depends on how much you drink, the more you drink the greater the health risks. For those of you looking to lose weight, drinking excessive amounts will not aid your weight loss but make it harder and slower to lose the weight long term.

While binge drinking is usually associated with young adults, its typically older people who drink more then the recommended levels of regular drinking and who may consider themselves social drinkers .Its this category who will suffer long term health related illnesses or death.

Binge drinking is classed as ‘drinking an excessive amount of alcohol over a short period of time’. So for those of you who save yourselves for the weekend and drink more then your recommended daily allowance in one night, you need to stop and think about making some serious changes.


The government advises that men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day and women shouldn't regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day. They also recommend giving your liver a break – don’t drink every day.



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