Breastfeeding and alcohol

Breastfeeding your baby is providing them with the best possible start and by drinking alcohol it is very unlikely that you will harm your baby.

However we do know that alcohol passes through to the baby in very small amounts in your breast milk. Because of this it is advised to keep your drinking levels within the recommended limits for pregnant women. If you regularly drink in excess of 1-2 units once or twice a week it can affect your baby in a number of ways.

- Your milk may smell differently and put your baby off feeding.

-The alcohol may make your baby too sleepy to feed.

-The baby may have difficulties with digestion and problems with his or her sleeping patterns.


Alcohol and breastfeeding tips.

-If it is a special occassion and you know you are going to be drinking consider expressing milk in advance.

-Reduce the exposure of your baby to alcohol, avoid breastfeeding 2 to 3 hours after drinking.

Alongisde the excitement and joy of giving birth the few months after will be demanding in terms of sleep deprivation, feeding and changing your child, the ups and downs emotionally and tiredness setting in. But heavy prolonged drinking will leave you and your baby feeling much worse.