Think B4U Drink does not just focus on adults who drink irresponsibly. The campaign also acknowledges that underage drinking is occuring in our communities.

The Police can and will take action on those who are underage and drinking alcohol, as well as those who are of age and supplying alcohol to those underage.

It is an offence for people under the age of 18 to consume or have alcohol on them in a public place. Likewise it is an offence for someone over the age of 18 to supply alcohol to someone under the age of 18 for public consumption. If you are found to be supplying alcohol to anyone underage you could find yourself paying a fine of upto £80.

People should not be tempted into buying alcohol for younger people. It is not only the problems young people can cause when in drink, but also the harm it may do to themselves and the situation that it might lead them into, for example being assaulted when in drink.

The legal limit for purchasing and consuming alcohol is 18 for a reason. Don't supply to anyone under this age.

Alcohol is the drug of choice amongst many of the young, often drinking so much they are oblivious of the consequences and the risks associated with underage drinking.

Nationally each year it is estimated approximately 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of binge drinking; this includes deaths from road traffic collisions, suicides and from other injuries such as falls, burns and drownings.

With binge drinking starting earlier and earlier now, Humberside Police are determined to stop alcohol being readily available to youngsters.

Humberside Police regularly carry out underage test purchasing operations in pubs, off licenses and restaurants in a bid to ensure all licensed premises adhere to the licensing laws.

Licensees must have an ID policy; the majority of licensees ask for ID if someone looks under 21 years old.  If you are unsure a person is legally old enough to buy alcohol, it is the responsibility of that person serving the alcohol to ask for identification.

Licensees should only accept ‘pass approved’ forms of identification which include photographic driving licenses and passports.

Humberside Police must ensure licensees are complying with the age restrictions set by law and if they are not, they will be dealt with accordingly.