Community Events

If you are an event organiser and alcohol is to be part of the event, please remember to speak to your council’s licensing authority, to ensure you remain within the law.

With several larger events being planned for the summer, party goers need to apply the same considerations to drinking responsibly as at any other venue.

Underage Drinking - The Law

• You can not buy or be served alcohol if you are under 18 in licensed premises
• The police can confiscate alcohol from under 18s in a public place
• It is against the law for over 18s to buy alcohol for under 18s (buying by proxy)
• If you are over 18, you will need to prove it with suitable ID when purchasing alcohol

If a young person is caught with alcohol by a police officer, the following will happen:

Stage 1; the alcohol is confiscated and disposed of, and a letter is sent to the parents of the child.

Stage 2; if the child is found again with alcohol a second letter is hand delivered by a police officer and a frank conversation is had between the police and the parents.

Stage 3; if within 12 months the same child is found to still be consuming alcohol whilst underage we will look to issue an Anti-Behavioural Contract called an ABC with the East Riding Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

If persistent possession of alcohol continues, evidence is gathered and if appropriate we will look to apply for an ASBO through the courts.