Did you know that over half of house fires are caused by cooking? And that being under the influence of drink or drugs increases your risk. You also increase your risk of trips and falls.

Every year Humberside Fire & Rescue Service attends a large number of alcohol related fires. These fires are usually caused by people drinking alcohol and then falling asleep whilst cooking or smoking.
It only takes one act of carelessness when smoking or cooking to result in someone losing their home, their possessions or, ultimately, their life.
If you have been drinking you might not wake up in the event of a fire, particularly if you do not have a working smoke alarm.
Intoxication can also cause drowsiness and can make you less alert to the signs of fire. When you do discover a fire, alcohol can heighten feelings of disorientation, making it difficult to escape.

Tips for home safety

Don’t drink and fry/cook – you could fall asleep and cause a devastating fire
Buy food on the way back from the pub, rather than attempting to cook when you get home
Make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished before you go to sleep
Ensure a working smoke alarm is installed, as this will greatly increase the chances of escaping if fire breaks out in your home
Test your smoke alarms weekly. Working smoke alarms save lives. Join us on Facebook or Twitter to receive your weekly reminder #testittuesday
Don’t drink so much that you cannot take care of yourself, your family or your home
Don’t drink and drive and take care if walking home