The Morning After

Did you know that it can take 13 hours for a bottle of wine (15%) to leave your system? And 10 hours for four cans of larger?

It takes time for alcohol to be processed by your body and for it to leave your system. It takes longer than you think.

It takes roughly about one hour for a fit and healthy body to rid itself of each unit of alcohol, but it can take much longer. On top of that it takes one hour for the body to absorb the alcohol in the first place.

But don’t forget that one unit is half a pint of normal strength beer or half a glass of a standard 175ml of wine. A few drinks quickly add up but it takes time for your body to get rid of it. For further information visit

So think about what you are doing the day after a night out?

  • Are you driving? - You could still be over the limit.
  • Are you going to be using machinery?
  • Do you have to look after someone today?
  • Will you be fit to work?